Friday, 23 August 2013

New Innocent World "Anniversary Rose"

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Hope you all are doing well and having amazing weekend!

My very favourite Lolita brand has recently put for reservations new series called "Anniversary Rose". I am totally in love with this print because it reminds me older Innocent World flower prints. The print is simple but very elegant, with roses and ribbons and it kind of has this vintage feeling. You can choose from classic jumper skirt, high waist one and simple skirt, which would be perfect for Lolita who is just starting out and needs something classic and not too expensive. The colours to choose from are cream, bordeaux and navy green.
The main classic JSK is my first choice but unfortunately is the most expensive one, 24 990 Yen... I really love the flower pattern on the bust area! 
This is the second JSK option, high waist one. It's a bit cheaper than the normal JSK, 23 940 Yen and to be honest it might be a better choice for anyone who wants to save a bit of money, because you can always adjust the buttons on straps, which will lower the waist anyway. I always do it with all my jumper skirts even if I'm not tall! This dress comes with extra bows on the front, but to be honest you can make them by yourself and add them as brooches to the previous version of this dress! The bust pattern is nice too but not as much as the first one in my opinion.
The longer version for taller ladies! 
 And finally the skirt for more savvy Lolitas. It's adorable too but skirts don't look at me very well so this piece definitely won't find its place in my wardrobe :)
Innocent World made very pretty headdress for this series, but to be honest I won't be paying 4 935 Yen for it, as it's quite basic and it can be easily replicated or even made in much better way. It comes in three ribbon options, with the same flowers on top.
And lastly socks to compliment the whole look. I am a bit disappointed that Innocent World didn't go for tights as it would be much better option for upcoming colder days. 

Overall I think it's a very beautiful print and I am glad that Innocent World is coming back to it's floral classic pieces. The first JSK will be another piece in my wish list and I hope I will be able to get it one day! Which colour is the only question now? :)

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  1. I think I'm in love with that print!
    However it's a pity we can not see the green colour itself properly.

    1. I know! It's lovely! The green looks like a mix of green and blue. I trust Innocent World and I'm sure it's lovely too. I think I will go for cream one as it reminds me Lauretta style :3