Friday, 6 September 2013

Frock On! Day One

Hello my lovelies!

It's Thursday and it's only today I finally recovered from last weekend's Lolita event, Frock On!
Yes, it took me so long because I needed a lot of sleep, especially that I had to come back to work on Tuesday....
So lets start from the beginning! Me and my friend Maria arrived in London early afternoon on Friday and got ourselves comfortable in a lovely little apartment, just round the corner of the Charring Cross train station. The first day of the Frock On was being held at the One Whitehall Place and gosh, it was such an amazing place! I thought last years Juliette et Justine Tea Party event was great, but this years location has exceed all of my expectations!
We had four large rooms reserved for the whole event. One for fashion show, one for bring & buy stalls, one for shopping area with stalls from fashion brands and lastly a room with photo booth.
The main attraction from the Saturday were two fashion shows, with major brands like Juliette et Justine, Atelier Pierrot, Lief and Haenuli, and also many well known indie designers like Snowfield, Chérie Cerise or the Flowers Shop.

Frock On! Lolita brand fashion show

(Courtesy of the Lolita Fashion UK Youtube channel)

There were also other attractions like Michaela's Fashion Fix, similar to Gok Wan's show, where the audience was voting for either brand or off brand coord. I was one of the lucky models taking part in this show! It was second time when I had chance to do some unprofessional modelling in Lolita and I was still a bit nervous! I hope I will have opportunity to do something like this again in the future as it really makes you believe in yourself more!

Frock On Highlights and Fashion Fix

(Courtesy of the Lolita Fashion UK Youtube channel)

Me on the left posing at the Michaela's Fashion Fix.
Other attractions during Saturday event were School of Frocks, where we could learn the tricks and tips on how to buy from Taobao, hair and wig styling tutorials made by Amelie from Spicy Days blog, posing tutorials where famous Chokelate from Lokshop was showing us do's and don't's of perfect Lolita posing. I learnt so much from it! She also showed us on to one, our "better" face side (so we knew which side to turn for nice photos) and gave us personal tips how to pose for photo shoots. It was really helpful as I think I always had many issues with posing and I learnt a lot from Coco.

There was also a quick tutorial show on how to properly tie a waist bow. Yes I know it might sound easy to most of you, but I only then discovered I was doing it so wrong! I still need to practise new way! It looks so easy yet my brain can't get used to it yet! Here is a quick video for any of you who would like to master this secret technique..... :)

Chokelate modelling new Juliette et Justine winter collection

Antonia in her favourite fawn print from Lief
I also made a custom hat for one of my friends. It was ssupposed to be a replica of a cake from Angelic Pretty "Memorial Cake" JSK. I was so glad I could do it for her as it was first time since forever I used modelling paste from my deco sweets! I'm hoping to get back into clay sweets, maybe start doing something for classic Lolitas?

Hayley in her lovely sweet coord.

My coord from Saturday:

JSK: Juliette et Justine
Blouse: Innocent World
Tights: Grimoire
Shoes: Innocent World
Head piece: Handmade
Handbag: Handmade

I didn't have any nice handbag that would go well with my "royal" style coord. I really want to have matching cat bag from Juliette et Justine but it's so diffcult to find one! Therefore I had to go crazy and creative and I quickly made a bag that would match my dress. I found beautiful cat paintings online and I added them onto my bag and here are the results! 

And some quick funny photos from photo booth!

I have finally met Valerie from Riechan blog! :D 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be posting soon about second day of Frock On so please stay tuned and thank you for visiting my blog!
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  1. I am still in awe over that handbag. *__*

    Also, Mo you need to make me a Christmas~y hat! Please please please le me commission you! *pleading eyes*

    Oh and I agree, that was the best location I could imagine for something like Frock On! :D

    1. Awww thank you! Maybe I will start making bags for sale, dunno yet... And yes, I could make you a hat, feel free to email me :3

  2. :o seriously I would buy one of those cat handbags!