Saturday, 28 September 2013

Job hunting

Hello my dear few readers!
Hope you are having nice weekend!

I haven't been feeling well recently and I decided to stop using social websites for a while, but not the Blogger. I needed a break from many things so I could find just a little bit of peace inside myself. Sometimes I feel like life is just too busy and recently I have been having days where I felt I just couldn't cope much longer. I am trying to have some rest now and I am not on the Internet much at the moment. I am also looking forward to my holiday week off with my boyfriend soon!

One of the things I would really like to change right now is my current job. I went job hunting last Monday and off course I decided to wear Lolita. I wear Lolita almost every day off I have and my current wardrobe consists 90% of Lolita clothes, so I didn't have much choice anyway. Either Lolita or Mori, which is not as elegant for job hunting! :D Plus your potential employers will more likely remember you if you wear something different that anyone else, right? Or maybe I'm just a bit crazy and I don't really bother what people think...?

OP: Innocent World
Bolero: Innocent World
Tights: Taobao
Shoes: off brand
Bag: Taobao
Hat: Taobao & handmade corsage
Gloves: vintage

I totally fell in love with little hats and berets, and I started making flower corsages for them. I made so many for myself and I really want to make some more, it's so addictive! :D

I recently gbought large table for my crafting room and now I have no excuse not to sew or craft! I already ordered nice fabric from ShabbyFabrics and lots of lace from Taobao. I hope that I will feel better soon and I will be able to start making dresses, as I have so many ideas in my head! 

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Till next time
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