Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fan plus Friend winter coat review

Hello my lovely readers!
Have you had a rest after Christmas? Are you looking forward to a New Year? :)
I certainly am! Also I am counting days to Innocent World winter sale..... Bad Mini Mo... :D

Anyways, today I would like to show you my first purchase from Fan plus Friend. I have been eyeing their website for a very, very long time and I have never gotten to buy anything from them. I kind of liked heir designs but I wasn't sure about their quality mainly because of so many mixed reviews online.

I have been looking for a brown or just dark winter coat and because I wasn't keen on any of the Innocent World's designs this year, I decided that maybe I should give a F+F a go and finally order something from them. Plus one of my Lolita friends, Maria has been buying from them so many times and she has proven that the quality of clothes is good and service is very reliable. I haven't got an account with F+F and because Maria has been buying from them before, she had a 12% discount and therefore she placed a group order for us.

Normally I am very fussy about my Lolita choice and this time wasn't different. I wanted brown coat, with brown fur cape but I couldn't find anything I liked much. So I asked if my friend could ask and check if F+F would be able to do a kind of custom order for me. They said yes :) I asked for this coat in brown wool, with brown fur and brown lace instead of black, in size 80 (F+F measurements):

I also asked for matching colour wool and fur hooded cape:

My friend placed and order for us and she confirmed on the 31st of October that Fan plus Friend send email that the clothes will take 4 weeks to make and after that they will be sent via DHL/EMS shipping. After long time of waiting, on the 9th of December we got the email from F+F that they have sent our parcel via DHL. It usually takes couple of days for parcel to arrive to UK (and then bloody customs....) but our parcel was mysteriously lost in France! Anyway, it was found and redirected to UK. We finally received it on the 13th of December. And this is what I got! :)

Honestly, I have to say that I was prepared to be disappointed, not only with quality but mainly because of sizing. My friend ordered custom sized coat because she did it before and the coat fitted her perfectly. I wasn't so brave and I went for regular 80 F+F size. It said on the website that it should fit someone of a 91cm bust and 71cm waist, also saying it's a UK size 14, which kind of made me worried.... But how surprised I was when I got the coat and finally tried it on! It was perfect for me! It wasn't small at all!

The both collar and fur cuffs are detachable and I am glad because I have other, cream and dark brown sets which I am planning to mix with this coat. 

The cape match the coat so well. I only need to take off the fur collar because it might feel a bit too tight on the neck area :P 

I am also very pleased about the lace and bow details. The lace is not expensive but it's not cheap either. I saw that F+F usually uses simple cotton lace which might not go so well with Lolita clothes in my opinion, but this one is nicely embroidered and thick. 

My only concern would be the lining. Like I said before I am very fussy and I pay attention to every detail and the choice of the underlining of this coat is a bit of a miss in my opinion. It's not very bad but I would choose something more classy :P But hey, it's on the inside so no one will see it right? plus for the total price of £160 for both items I really shouldn't complain! :D

Lastly I would like to show you my new petticoat which I used to model the coat. It's from Classical Puppets from Taobao and it's huge! I haven't had time to wear it yet because it's  just too big for now. Btw is there anything like too big petticoat in Lolita dictionary? :P

Summarising my whole experience with shopping with Fan plus Friend:  I can recommend their coats to anyone who is looking for a cheaper than brand winter coats. The wool is thick and very warm plus if you have a cape with fur, it's extra comfy! Also you can customise it in any way you like. I saw two more coats from F+F that my friend owns, and trust me, they look so much better in real life than on stock photos. Also my first impression when I wore this coat was: OMG I feel like wearing Mary Magdalene coat! Off course I have never owned MM coat so maybe I was just overreacting but yes, it did made me feel like a princess (it's that lacing that makes your waist look so good!).

I hope this post was helpful to any of you who is still trying to decide if to buy or not to buy from F+F.
Thank you for reading this and for visiting my little Lolita blog!
Till the next time!
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Friday, 27 December 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: New Year's Resolutions for Lolita Fashion

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! 

Today I would like to write my second post for Lolita Blog Carnival group. Would you like to know what it is about? The members are online Lolita bloggers and vloggers. We decide on a topic and write a post about it and link others blogs too. It's a perfect way to spread Lolita fashion online and to promote fellow Lolita bloggers!

This weeks topic is "New Year's Resolutions for Lolita Fashion". The year 2014 is getting closer and it is a very good opportunity for every Lolita to go through her wardrobe and decide what things have to be changed, added or sold. I am very glad I can write about this here because my "Lolita ways" have to be changed in some areas.

Head wear
I think this is my biggest flaw.... In my opinion I am very bad at coordinating head wear with my outfit. The first reason is that I don't wear wigs and it's really difficult to attach clips onto a natural hair. Most of the times I am left with headbands or hats, but headbands with lots of flowers are usually very heavy and tend to slide off my head... It seems to be easier when I wear hair extensions. 
The second reason why I tend to fail with headpieces is because I wear Lolita on almost every occasion I have, which most of the times are my days off. My coords are simple and not OTT so my head wear is also simple and most of the times is a classic hairband with bow or small flowers. This is why I don;'t own elaborate and big hair accessories, and I am not used to wearing them. Probably that;s why I don't feel comfortable at bigger meets where I feel a bit forced to put more effort into hair accessories. 

I would really like to improve my coordinating skills with head wear. I wish I could learn how to choose proper head wear and how to wear it. I would like to wear more bonnets, hats and I would like to start wearing more old school hair accessories. 

I forgot when was the last time I finished making a whole Lolita dress! I love to sew and even if I know I am not a professional seamstress, I can make many things for myself. In thew year 2014 I would like to come back to my biggest hobby, sewing. I have so many beautiful fabrics and lace just waiting for me. I need motivation and also kick in my lacey bum to finally sit down and make dresses. I would also like to finish sewing course just to perfect the skills I acquired by self learning. 

Save, save save!
This is another area where I totally fail.... Lolita fashion is a very unique hobby where most of the dresses appear online and are sold out within hours. It is very different from a high street fashion where you can go out on your day off every week and get something for yourself even just to boost up your mood. Because of this I tend to spend money I don't have (which usually is my overdraft or credit card...) and buy dresses I know I want but I don't have money for them, but I know they won't be available for sale for a very long time. I know exactly that I shouldn't be doing it but I am way too much addicted to Lolita and I just can't say no to myself. Plus Lolita makes me so happy in so many ways! Well, apart of when I look at my bank account... :P

I'm hoping that in year 2014 I will be much more savvy and cautious with my Lolita shopping. I know I have a lot at the moment and I don't think I need many things to buy. I would like to make myself a short, very short wish list of main dresses I really want and don't spend money on little things I don't really need. 

What about you dear readers?
Have you got any Lolita new year's resolutions? I would love to hear them! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for visiting my blog!

Please take a moment and read other participants blogs this week!

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you is having merry Christmas! Have you been a good Lolita this year? I hope you got lots of Lolita presents this year!

Today I went to my boyfriend's family and we had a Christmas dinner and we unpacked our presents together. I got lots of chocolates, cosmetics and warm socks. I got Xbox game for my boyfriend and Brian shaped big slippers! He loved it! He got me a diamond heart necklace! It's beautiful and I'm happy I have someone like that :) I didn't take any photos of my gifts because I always feel bad doing it, because others will feel sad if they get less or worse gifts etc... It's the thought that counts, not what or how much you got. Plus I'm really happy I have someone to spend this festive time with <3

But what would the post be without any photos? So here you have: photo of my Christmas Lolita coord. It was a close family meet so we didn't take any photos, therefore I only took a quick photo of my clothes. I don't have many festive themed dresses, and I thought this Innocent World jsk would be the best for Christmas dinner. Plus I wanted to play with dogs and I didn't want to worry I would ruin expensive dress :P

Blouse: offbrand Taobao
Cardigan: Axes Femme
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: Primark

I hope you enjoyed this short post and thank you for visiting my blog!
Merry Xmas!

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Friday, 20 December 2013

Angelic Pretty "Wonder Queen" series

Hello my lovely readers!
I would like to quickly mention new Angelic Pretty release, "Wonder Queen" new print. I totally adore it!

The collection will be available on the 21st of December, this Saturday and I'm hoping it will also be available on the international website. I was torned between red and green colour, and I still don't know which one to chose. The red is beautiful and much easier to coordinate, but green seems to be so original and unusual!

Angelic Pretty has released some blouses and accessories before official release date for dresses. You can choose between two blouses, cutsew, tights, socks, jewellery, hair accessories and two types of bags. None of them are available on the international website, and so I had to use my shopping service. Fingers crossed they will be able to order everything for me! :)

I am very happy that this time you will be able to buy brooches separately.
I was a bit disappointed that Musee du Chocolate's brooches were only available with some hair accessories like berets and hats, and not included with dresses :(

Wonder Queen collection also includes card themed bags, like this book shaped beauty.
My favourite is white with gold print.

I think tights are my favourite accessory from Wonder Queen collection!
I love the design and I am happy that they will coordinate so well with crown themed dresses
from Innocent World!

I am so looking forward to this Saturday! 
Fingers crossed for me and all of you my lovelies!
I hope you will get one of those dresses! 

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Lolita Blog Carnival: A peak in your closet

Hello everyone!
I would like to announce that recently I have joined Lolita Blog Cranival group! I am very happy that I can be a part of it! The main goal of the group is to get some inspiration for blogging and to promote fellow Loli bloggers. The group decides on the topic, sets the date for it and then we write about it and link other members blog links below.

This is my very first post as a  LBG member and this weeks post subject is "A peak in your Lolita closet".
I think this is a very good timing as it's December and usually it is a month where most Lolitas want to show off their Lolita collection they have been collecting for a whole year. But because the theme is specifically called "peak", I decided to only show a quick snap shot of my main Lolita wardrobe :)

I took a photo of my wardrobe where I keep all of my dresses, main brand blouses, jackets and boleros. Below them I keep my petticoats and wigs in boxes. I also have separate closet for coats and winter jackets, chest of drawers with off brand shirt and chiffon blouses, cardigans and tights. My bags (which are my biggest addiction right now!) are kept in separate closet and my shoes are stored in two drawers under bed. Honestly, the whole post showing all my stuff would be way too long, especially that almost all of my shoes, half of my bags and blouses are off brand.

I thought that one photo would not be enough, therefore I chose I think my favourite dresses from my collection. I know, I love all of my dresses but those two are most favourite not only because of print and because they are Innocent World.

The cut and whole design is just gorgeous, and they are so comfortable to wear! The cut of the bottom is supposed to be a bell shape, but because of the under skirt with ruffle, it makes you feel like you are wearing A-line dress! I think it is one of the best Innocent World creations, both dress pattern and the construction. And that's why I have it in two colours, just because I like them equally and couldn't decide which one to choose :P But you might already noticed that looking at my wardrobe, that I end up buying my favourite dresses in many colourways. I am Libra, can't make simple decisions! :D

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
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A little bit of this... A little bit of that

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

R-Series 10th Anniversary "Dear Friends" Collection

Hello everyone!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it in any of my previous posts, but I am totally addicted to Taobao. I used to buy from Taobao's Lolita brands but somehow I stopped last year, probably because I wanted to focus on getting more brand pieces for my wardrobe. 

One of my favourite Taobao Lolita brands is R-Series. They make beautiful dresses, blouses but most of all amazing coats! I have one thinner gobelin style coat from them which I luckily acquired second hand from EGL. Knowing what a superb quality R-Series provides, I couldn't resist but purchase another winter item from their shop, short jacket with fawn collar from their 10th anniversary series cutely called "Dear Friends".

I have to say that I love all the colour options but because of tight budget I had to limit myself to only one 
purchase, and so I chose cream version as it's more versatile and I can coordinate it with more 
dresses I own.

I can't help but to think how similar this jacket is to Innocent World designs :)
I'm not complaining because I love Innocent World and I have been searching for their short cream jackets
for very long time! So I am very pleased that this off brand beauty came out for sale recently
and I was lucky not to miss it!

The "Dear Friends" collection includes:
and even two types of wigs! :)
short and the long version.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Thank you for visiting my blog!
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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Innocent World 15th Anniversary Mook with Violin Bag

Hello my dear readers!
Today I would like to talk to you about the Innocent World 15th Anniversary Mook, the first mook I have ever bought. 
Some of you might ask first: What is mook anyway? 
Mook basically is a cross between a magazine and a book. Usually it's dedicated to one brand and it includes limited edition brand item which is not available for sale in normal stores alone. Mooks come in magazine format but they are designed to stay on readers shelves much longer than ordinary magazines. They have been very popular in Japan since 2005 and are becoming more popular in Lolita culture as well. Many other brands like Angelic Pretty or Baby the Stars Shine Bright have been releasing their mooks, and now Innocent World has jumped on the band waggon with their second edition of mook. Their first mook was dedicated to Alphonse Mucha and it came with tote bag with Mucha's tote bag. This edition came with beautiful violin shaped tote bag!
 The magazine is A4 size and its made from nice paper, not the thin magazine type!
The bag came in a cardboard box which was attached to the inside of magazine.
I tried to be very careful but I still ended up ripping the page off! >o<''
Thank got the page was designed to be removed and the inside of the book was not damaged!
 As you can see the bag is a decent size and it can easily fit A4 size books.
It's made from thick material and the details are beautifully embroidered and not printed!
It has a clip closing so the contents of your bag will be safe and wont fall out easily :)
You also have one small pocket inside for mobile phone.
Inside the magazine you will find lessons on how to create classic Lolita style, textile museum showing all the style categories of Innocent World designs and prints, interview with Innocent World designer Fujiwara Yumi and more!
 Inside of the magazine you can find a page with special prizes that can be won by everyone who
bought this mook! I can't read Japanese but from what I have translated, you have to go to the web address shown below, register online and then answer the question which item you would prefer to win.
Fingers crossed for me! :D
Inside you will find latest photoshot with new dress designs from Innocent World.
The one above is supposedly inspired by Beatrix Potter stories with Peter Rabbit!
It looks so cute!
I wonder which colourways it will come!

One of my favourite photos from the magazine!
Model wearing my dream dress, Lotta!
Hopefully one day it will became part of my Lolita collection! :3

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post!
Thank you for visiting my blog and see you next time!
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