Friday, 20 December 2013

Angelic Pretty "Wonder Queen" series

Hello my lovely readers!
I would like to quickly mention new Angelic Pretty release, "Wonder Queen" new print. I totally adore it!

The collection will be available on the 21st of December, this Saturday and I'm hoping it will also be available on the international website. I was torned between red and green colour, and I still don't know which one to chose. The red is beautiful and much easier to coordinate, but green seems to be so original and unusual!

Angelic Pretty has released some blouses and accessories before official release date for dresses. You can choose between two blouses, cutsew, tights, socks, jewellery, hair accessories and two types of bags. None of them are available on the international website, and so I had to use my shopping service. Fingers crossed they will be able to order everything for me! :)

I am very happy that this time you will be able to buy brooches separately.
I was a bit disappointed that Musee du Chocolate's brooches were only available with some hair accessories like berets and hats, and not included with dresses :(

Wonder Queen collection also includes card themed bags, like this book shaped beauty.
My favourite is white with gold print.

I think tights are my favourite accessory from Wonder Queen collection!
I love the design and I am happy that they will coordinate so well with crown themed dresses
from Innocent World!

I am so looking forward to this Saturday! 
Fingers crossed for me and all of you my lovelies!
I hope you will get one of those dresses! 

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  1. Yes, this is one of the very few AP designs that I really really like! <3 Too bad it would be waaay to short for me... XD

    Personally I like the red version better, but if you like the green one better you should get that one... It has red in the print anyway - as well as gold - so I don't think it would be overly difficult to coordinate! :)

  2. I'm still torn over this! The bustier JSK that I wanted isn't released with the others, so either I should wait and risk getting nothing, or try to get the military JSK or salopette in case!

    I struggled deciding on colour too, but I think I'm choosing green as my first choice and navy as second. The print pops more on navy, but I just bought Radiant Candlelight in navy and I've been wanting something green for a long time!

    I hope the release information becomes clearer before the release...I don't want to miss out on something again!

    1. Ooh also the accessories were put up on International, they just always go up a little slow. They seem to all be sold out now which is a shame as I wanted some tights and a blouse!