Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fan plus Friend winter coat review

Hello my lovely readers!
Have you had a rest after Christmas? Are you looking forward to a New Year? :)
I certainly am! Also I am counting days to Innocent World winter sale..... Bad Mini Mo... :D

Anyways, today I would like to show you my first purchase from Fan plus Friend. I have been eyeing their website for a very, very long time and I have never gotten to buy anything from them. I kind of liked heir designs but I wasn't sure about their quality mainly because of so many mixed reviews online.

I have been looking for a brown or just dark winter coat and because I wasn't keen on any of the Innocent World's designs this year, I decided that maybe I should give a F+F a go and finally order something from them. Plus one of my Lolita friends, Maria has been buying from them so many times and she has proven that the quality of clothes is good and service is very reliable. I haven't got an account with F+F and because Maria has been buying from them before, she had a 12% discount and therefore she placed a group order for us.

Normally I am very fussy about my Lolita choice and this time wasn't different. I wanted brown coat, with brown fur cape but I couldn't find anything I liked much. So I asked if my friend could ask and check if F+F would be able to do a kind of custom order for me. They said yes :) I asked for this coat in brown wool, with brown fur and brown lace instead of black, in size 80 (F+F measurements):

I also asked for matching colour wool and fur hooded cape:

My friend placed and order for us and she confirmed on the 31st of October that Fan plus Friend send email that the clothes will take 4 weeks to make and after that they will be sent via DHL/EMS shipping. After long time of waiting, on the 9th of December we got the email from F+F that they have sent our parcel via DHL. It usually takes couple of days for parcel to arrive to UK (and then bloody customs....) but our parcel was mysteriously lost in France! Anyway, it was found and redirected to UK. We finally received it on the 13th of December. And this is what I got! :)

Honestly, I have to say that I was prepared to be disappointed, not only with quality but mainly because of sizing. My friend ordered custom sized coat because she did it before and the coat fitted her perfectly. I wasn't so brave and I went for regular 80 F+F size. It said on the website that it should fit someone of a 91cm bust and 71cm waist, also saying it's a UK size 14, which kind of made me worried.... But how surprised I was when I got the coat and finally tried it on! It was perfect for me! It wasn't small at all!

The both collar and fur cuffs are detachable and I am glad because I have other, cream and dark brown sets which I am planning to mix with this coat. 

The cape match the coat so well. I only need to take off the fur collar because it might feel a bit too tight on the neck area :P 

I am also very pleased about the lace and bow details. The lace is not expensive but it's not cheap either. I saw that F+F usually uses simple cotton lace which might not go so well with Lolita clothes in my opinion, but this one is nicely embroidered and thick. 

My only concern would be the lining. Like I said before I am very fussy and I pay attention to every detail and the choice of the underlining of this coat is a bit of a miss in my opinion. It's not very bad but I would choose something more classy :P But hey, it's on the inside so no one will see it right? plus for the total price of £160 for both items I really shouldn't complain! :D

Lastly I would like to show you my new petticoat which I used to model the coat. It's from Classical Puppets from Taobao and it's huge! I haven't had time to wear it yet because it's  just too big for now. Btw is there anything like too big petticoat in Lolita dictionary? :P

Summarising my whole experience with shopping with Fan plus Friend:  I can recommend their coats to anyone who is looking for a cheaper than brand winter coats. The wool is thick and very warm plus if you have a cape with fur, it's extra comfy! Also you can customise it in any way you like. I saw two more coats from F+F that my friend owns, and trust me, they look so much better in real life than on stock photos. Also my first impression when I wore this coat was: OMG I feel like wearing Mary Magdalene coat! Off course I have never owned MM coat so maybe I was just overreacting but yes, it did made me feel like a princess (it's that lacing that makes your waist look so good!).

I hope this post was helpful to any of you who is still trying to decide if to buy or not to buy from F+F.
Thank you for reading this and for visiting my little Lolita blog!
Till the next time!
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  1. Mo the package that was sent to France wasn't the F+F one, it was Ruth's and mine order on FromJapan! The coats order was sent on a Monday and arrived just 5 days later. And luckily we didn't have to pay any customs at all for this one. ;)

    Anyway, I'm so happy that you like the coat! Even though I don'y work at F+F, I would have feel bad if it ended up not being good enough. XD

    The "UK sizes" they have are just plain random and wrong for some reason, but luckily I've always found the measurements they give for the clothes are accurate.

    I have that same CP petti; I love it and I use it every chance I get! To be honest I wish somebody made a bell-shaped petti that was as full as that; I have yet to find a bell petti that is strong enough to give maximum puff under velvet dresses and I have several of those... Wearing two petticoats is not very comfortable, especially when you're also wearing tights and bloomers. :/

  2. Aaah the coat looks lovely!! I need to start looking into f+f more :D I really need a beautiful winter coat :s Thankyou for the review ^^ Is it warm enough for your winter?

  3. Oooh, that looks really nice! I desperately need a lolita coat, but I'm not sure which colour I should get or where to get one from!

  4. Cool looking coat! That's really awesome design!