Thursday, 12 December 2013

Innocent World 15th Anniversary Mook with Violin Bag

Hello my dear readers!
Today I would like to talk to you about the Innocent World 15th Anniversary Mook, the first mook I have ever bought. 
Some of you might ask first: What is mook anyway? 
Mook basically is a cross between a magazine and a book. Usually it's dedicated to one brand and it includes limited edition brand item which is not available for sale in normal stores alone. Mooks come in magazine format but they are designed to stay on readers shelves much longer than ordinary magazines. They have been very popular in Japan since 2005 and are becoming more popular in Lolita culture as well. Many other brands like Angelic Pretty or Baby the Stars Shine Bright have been releasing their mooks, and now Innocent World has jumped on the band waggon with their second edition of mook. Their first mook was dedicated to Alphonse Mucha and it came with tote bag with Mucha's tote bag. This edition came with beautiful violin shaped tote bag!
 The magazine is A4 size and its made from nice paper, not the thin magazine type!
The bag came in a cardboard box which was attached to the inside of magazine.
I tried to be very careful but I still ended up ripping the page off! >o<''
Thank got the page was designed to be removed and the inside of the book was not damaged!
 As you can see the bag is a decent size and it can easily fit A4 size books.
It's made from thick material and the details are beautifully embroidered and not printed!
It has a clip closing so the contents of your bag will be safe and wont fall out easily :)
You also have one small pocket inside for mobile phone.
Inside the magazine you will find lessons on how to create classic Lolita style, textile museum showing all the style categories of Innocent World designs and prints, interview with Innocent World designer Fujiwara Yumi and more!
 Inside of the magazine you can find a page with special prizes that can be won by everyone who
bought this mook! I can't read Japanese but from what I have translated, you have to go to the web address shown below, register online and then answer the question which item you would prefer to win.
Fingers crossed for me! :D
Inside you will find latest photoshot with new dress designs from Innocent World.
The one above is supposedly inspired by Beatrix Potter stories with Peter Rabbit!
It looks so cute!
I wonder which colourways it will come!

One of my favourite photos from the magazine!
Model wearing my dream dress, Lotta!
Hopefully one day it will became part of my Lolita collection! :3

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post!
Thank you for visiting my blog and see you next time!
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  1. Ooh, the violin bag looks so cool! *_*

    How I wish they would publish Lolita mooks in English...

    What's the blue dress under the Beatrix Potter one by the way? I don't think I've ever seen it, it's so old-fashionedly pretty!

    1. Thank you Maddy! :)
      It only says this on the bottom of the photo, I think it will be one of Innocent World's future releases, as well as couple more of new designs shown in the mook.

  2. That bag is so perfect for you <3