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Lolita Blog Carnival: New Year's Resolutions for Lolita Fashion

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! 

Today I would like to write my second post for Lolita Blog Carnival group. Would you like to know what it is about? The members are online Lolita bloggers and vloggers. We decide on a topic and write a post about it and link others blogs too. It's a perfect way to spread Lolita fashion online and to promote fellow Lolita bloggers!

This weeks topic is "New Year's Resolutions for Lolita Fashion". The year 2014 is getting closer and it is a very good opportunity for every Lolita to go through her wardrobe and decide what things have to be changed, added or sold. I am very glad I can write about this here because my "Lolita ways" have to be changed in some areas.

Head wear
I think this is my biggest flaw.... In my opinion I am very bad at coordinating head wear with my outfit. The first reason is that I don't wear wigs and it's really difficult to attach clips onto a natural hair. Most of the times I am left with headbands or hats, but headbands with lots of flowers are usually very heavy and tend to slide off my head... It seems to be easier when I wear hair extensions. 
The second reason why I tend to fail with headpieces is because I wear Lolita on almost every occasion I have, which most of the times are my days off. My coords are simple and not OTT so my head wear is also simple and most of the times is a classic hairband with bow or small flowers. This is why I don;'t own elaborate and big hair accessories, and I am not used to wearing them. Probably that;s why I don't feel comfortable at bigger meets where I feel a bit forced to put more effort into hair accessories. 

I would really like to improve my coordinating skills with head wear. I wish I could learn how to choose proper head wear and how to wear it. I would like to wear more bonnets, hats and I would like to start wearing more old school hair accessories. 

I forgot when was the last time I finished making a whole Lolita dress! I love to sew and even if I know I am not a professional seamstress, I can make many things for myself. In thew year 2014 I would like to come back to my biggest hobby, sewing. I have so many beautiful fabrics and lace just waiting for me. I need motivation and also kick in my lacey bum to finally sit down and make dresses. I would also like to finish sewing course just to perfect the skills I acquired by self learning. 

Save, save save!
This is another area where I totally fail.... Lolita fashion is a very unique hobby where most of the dresses appear online and are sold out within hours. It is very different from a high street fashion where you can go out on your day off every week and get something for yourself even just to boost up your mood. Because of this I tend to spend money I don't have (which usually is my overdraft or credit card...) and buy dresses I know I want but I don't have money for them, but I know they won't be available for sale for a very long time. I know exactly that I shouldn't be doing it but I am way too much addicted to Lolita and I just can't say no to myself. Plus Lolita makes me so happy in so many ways! Well, apart of when I look at my bank account... :P

I'm hoping that in year 2014 I will be much more savvy and cautious with my Lolita shopping. I know I have a lot at the moment and I don't think I need many things to buy. I would like to make myself a short, very short wish list of main dresses I really want and don't spend money on little things I don't really need. 

What about you dear readers?
Have you got any Lolita new year's resolutions? I would love to hear them! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for visiting my blog!

Please take a moment and read other participants blogs this week!

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  1. Very good resolutions! :)

    To be honest I always thought your hair looked just fine, possibly because unlike me, your hair is quite thick even when you're not wearing hair extensions so it ends up being very decorative and "Lolita" all by itself.
    I really love hair pieces, which is way I ended up having so many wigs... Only hairbands stick to my natural hair. ç_ç

    I wish I was able to craft! Perhaps you'll be able to teach me to at least sew buttons on my own... Every time I try, they fall right off again. ^^;;

    Saving... Alas, I'm not good at that, either. >.< I don't really spend money I don't have, but I never manage to put anything significant aside in my bank account... I will end up as a very poor frilly old lady ^^;;

  2. Wait, did you make that cherubim print dress yourself or is it JetJ? Hopefully you followed through with your resolutions so far!

    1. Yes I did Kim! :3 But I don't like the bodice as I made it just by simply cutting the pieces without any pattern, so I have to redo it again :P