Friday, 20 December 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: A peak in your closet

Hello everyone!
I would like to announce that recently I have joined Lolita Blog Cranival group! I am very happy that I can be a part of it! The main goal of the group is to get some inspiration for blogging and to promote fellow Loli bloggers. The group decides on the topic, sets the date for it and then we write about it and link other members blog links below.

This is my very first post as a  LBG member and this weeks post subject is "A peak in your Lolita closet".
I think this is a very good timing as it's December and usually it is a month where most Lolitas want to show off their Lolita collection they have been collecting for a whole year. But because the theme is specifically called "peak", I decided to only show a quick snap shot of my main Lolita wardrobe :)

I took a photo of my wardrobe where I keep all of my dresses, main brand blouses, jackets and boleros. Below them I keep my petticoats and wigs in boxes. I also have separate closet for coats and winter jackets, chest of drawers with off brand shirt and chiffon blouses, cardigans and tights. My bags (which are my biggest addiction right now!) are kept in separate closet and my shoes are stored in two drawers under bed. Honestly, the whole post showing all my stuff would be way too long, especially that almost all of my shoes, half of my bags and blouses are off brand.

I thought that one photo would not be enough, therefore I chose I think my favourite dresses from my collection. I know, I love all of my dresses but those two are most favourite not only because of print and because they are Innocent World.

The cut and whole design is just gorgeous, and they are so comfortable to wear! The cut of the bottom is supposed to be a bell shape, but because of the under skirt with ruffle, it makes you feel like you are wearing A-line dress! I think it is one of the best Innocent World creations, both dress pattern and the construction. And that's why I have it in two colours, just because I like them equally and couldn't decide which one to choose :P But you might already noticed that looking at my wardrobe, that I end up buying my favourite dresses in many colourways. I am Libra, can't make simple decisions! :D

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
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  1. Aww, your wardrobe looks so awesome even from just a sneak-peek! *__* I will probably ask you to show me when I come visit, I'm so curious now! ;D

    1. Thank you hun! Yes, we need to meet at mine for tea, crafting and playing with cats! :3

  2. Wow, from what I can see you have a lot of beautiful items in your wardrobe! ^__^

    1. Thank you so much! I try to be very picky and get dresses only from my wishlist :)

  3. Oh wow, I'm glad that another lolita posted a classic wardrobe! I was surprised that there aren't as many classic or gothic wardrobes in LBC this week.

    1. Thank you!
      Its my first post for LBC and my blog is still new :3

  4. Innocent World prints are so darling~

    1. Thank you Megan! I like them also because they are classic prints with this hint of sweetness :)