Sunday, 28 July 2013

Austen & Abbey Lolita Event

Couple of weeks ago I went to Austen & Abbey, which was supposed to be a two day Lolita and fashion related event. I was really excited and looking forward to it, because apart of Fairy Wish, Atelier Pierrot, Juliette et Justine and many indie brands, there also was meant to be Victorian Maiden fashion show. Sadly, most of the attractions didn't happen and Victorian Maiden fashion show was cancelled because their parcels with clothes for modelling got stuck at customs (damn you!...).
My printed ticket
The first day of the event was very chaotic and not well organised, and maybe it's good that I forgot to take my camera or tablet to take any photos. I only regret I couldn't take any photos of so many beautifully coords and indie brand stalls, as there was many pretty handmade clothes and accessories. I have only got photos from the second day event, which took place at the gorgeous house, Stoneleigh Abbey. I was also chosen to be a model for Atelier Pierrot which was a great experience for me, mainly because I learned some tricks how to pose for photos (which I desperately needed!..).

Please take a look and enjoy!

Stoneleigh Abbey and it's beautiful gardens:

Breath taking rooms inside:

Amazing fireplace!
Look at those gorgeous ornaments! 
I couldn't stop looking at the ceilings!
More ceilings! :)
Every room had so many beautiful paintings!
Oh, her hair...... I'm melting.
Look how detailed her clothing is painted! The lights and shadows, and THAT LACE!
My favourite room! 
That bed..... 
Connie looked so beautiful in this room that I had to ask her to sneak out from the group
and take quick photos!
No, we were not allowed to sit on the furniture, but hell,
what do you do for the perfect photo shoot?
Books, books, so many amazing books!
And me quickly posing next to my dream bed...
JSK: Innocent World Delft Lotta in pink brown
Blouse: Chiffon blouse Taobao
Tights: Grimoire
Hairpiece: Handmade
Shoes: offbrand 

Quick derp in the mirror? :)
And lastly I think my only photo of me
before modelling for Atelier Pierrot.
Here is a short video from the event. You can see me in Juliette et Justine book JSK on th 00.19! :D

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for visiting my blog.
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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Because my doll loves bonnets too

I was thinking what to write about in my first Lolita related post but I haven't made up my mind yet. I would like to start reviewing my Lolita wardrobe for anyone who is interested in classic dresses, and also to start appreciating my collection more instead of buying new clothes! But first I need to fix my mannequin stand as I want the photos to look good and you would be able to see how the dress looks worn.

I think I mentioned in my first post that I love bjd dolls. I have only one doll (oh yes, I wish I had more!), it's Ipplehouse Cherie with normal skin type. She is a classic Lolita too :) Because she is a "chest gifted" lady, I am forced to make all of her clothes by myself, because all the online bjd clothes are way too small for her. Not that I'm complaining, it's a great hobby and it's addictive too! Yesterday I started making a custom hat for one of my friends. I got carried away with cardboard and ended up making bonnet for my doll. I tell you, I wish making bonnets for humans was so easy as making them for dolls! Maybe one day I will make one for myself and I will be able to twin with my doll.

Btw my doll still hasn't got a name yet, somehow I never thought about it. Maybe you guys could give me some ideas?

Thank you for visiting my blog!
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Forever in our thoughts

Just yesterday I have heard that one well known online Lolita Katzixx has passed away a week ago. I have never met her in real life, only spoke to her briefly when she sold me one of my dream dresses...

RIP my dear, you will always be remembered as a beautiful and inspirational Lolita to all of us.
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Another Lolita blog

Hello everyone!

Yes, you have found another Lolita blog on the Internet!
My name is Mini Mo, I live in UK and I am a classic Lolita. I have been into this fashion for almost a two years and only now I gathered my courage to make my own Lolita related blog. I used to write deco sweets blog, Sweet & Tiny, but I stopped making clay sweets long ago and I moved to other crafts like sewing and jewellery making, partially because of my new love, Lolita fashion.

I would like this blog to be about my Lolita experiences in life, shopping and Loli finds (mainly from Taobao!). I would also like to post short tutorials on how to make your Lolita accessories.

I really hope I will follow through and I will be updating this blog at least once a week!

Thank you for reading this!