Saturday, 4 January 2014

Lolita 52 week challenge - Week 1: Impulse buys that were totally worth it

Hello my lovelies!
As I mentioned before, I started a 52 week Lolita challenge, but I was way too tired last time and I haven't wrote a first post from the list. Today is the last day and my last chance to start my challenge. I let my boyfriend to choose first topic and he chose number 31:  Impulse buys that were totally worth it.

Hell, that's a difficult one for the first time! I usually think a lot about my purchases and I tend to hesitate a lot before I decide on buying Lolita item, even if its just a accessory. But I will try to choose things I bought without much hesitation and they turned out to be one of the best buys ever.

I think this was one of my impulse buys, just to try if they will suit me or not. I bought a full wig once but it I didn't like it at all. I have very thick and long natural hair and it was a big challenge to try to fit it all under a wig cap and the wig itself. I got the wig from Linea Storia  shop from Rakuten. It was lovely, just way to small for me :( I sold the wig and I got hugely discouraged by this experience. I thought that I will be forced to style my natural hair for hours before meets, until I discovered hair extensions. I had seen Kyra wearing styled long curled ponytails and she always looked amazing and I thought, why not try it?

Link here
First I got myself fringe and half wig, same again from Linea Storia, because I already knew which colour to choose. I worn both to the big Tea Party event, featuring Juliette et Justine in 2012. 

Me and Kyra , co organiser of the Tea Party event.
From that moment I knew that I want a fringe but I was too scared to cut my hair. I always had long hair and I worn it simply with a hair band. My hair is naturally curly and I wasn't sure how easy it will be to maintain a short fringe. One day I got brave and went to hairdresser straight from work, asked for a Lolita style bangs (had to explain the hair style!) and I've been having fringe since then. It was the best decision in my life, all thanks to impulse purchase from Linea Storia!

But this is not the end of the story! Since then I got so hooked up on half wigs and extensions, that now I have three half wigs, two simple hair extensions,  two pairs of ponytails, one clip on and one tied one; two wig ropes, and two pairs of scrunchy elastic pony tails. And fake braided hair bands :) And I think I will be buying more because it's such a simple and a quick way to style your hair. Wigs are beautiful and I am kind of jealous of other Lolitas who can wear them, but they just don't work for me. I like my natural hair more and I want to grow them to be as long as possible. Plus I can't find wigs that are stretchy enough to fit my hair... 
Me and Phoebe (boo, me without fringe :3 )
Me wearing half wig.
Me wearing hair ropes.
Me wearing pony tail clipons.
Buying my first fake fringe and half wig actually changed my life and I think it made me look much better as a Lolita. I became a bit more confident with my look and I accept my face more than before :) I can totally recommend getting hair extensions to anyone who doesn't like wigs but would like to style hair in a different way. They are cheap and come in so many styles. Plus you won't feel so hot in the summer like when wearing wig! 

I hope you all enjoyed my first post from "Lolita 52 week challenge", I hope I did it right! 
Till the next time!
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  1. I would love to wear half wigs or extensions, especially in summer when it's way too hot for full wigs but, opposite to yours, my hair is so thin that hair extensions would never stay on... Plus it's really hard to find them in a colour that matches my own. :/

    I envy the fact that your hair is so beautiful on its own! I can't even let mine grow too long without getting split ends all over it. XD
    I agree that bangs really suit you; your natural colour is also very pretty and definitely blonde despite what you say haha ;)

    1. Thanks Maddy!
      But you can wear wigs of which I am very jelaous, because you can choose so many styles and colours to match your outfit. Seems like we want what we cant have ;)

  2. Ahh I really want a fake fringe since real ones bug me so much (my forehead is too greasy and gross haha) but I'm worried about finding on that will match my hair colour. Maybe I should give it a go though!

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  3. I agree with you so much that it is easier with the hair pieces. For me wigs are, unfortunately, not an option, too. Somehow I feel not that well wearing them ... ^__^