Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lolita 52 week challenge - Week 2: 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

Hello my lovely readers!
I have been very busy in last two weeks, I had to work almost every day and I didn't have much time for blogging. I missed one week for my Lolita 52 week challenge, and now I have to write two posts this week to make it up!
This weeks question is: 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style.
I mentioned in one of my previous post that I am a bit jealous of girls who can wear wigs, but I am kind of glad that I don't. In my personal style I try to embrace my natural features, like my hair for example. I don't wear circle lenses, mainly because of my eye problems, but I am not to bothered about it. I want my Lolita style to be as natural as possible. I want to be able to wear my dresses not only for meets, but also on the casual days, for shopping or just a meet with a family. I want my style to be a clothing just as any other fashion style, and not a dress up for a special occasions.

As a classic Lolita this is a very important thing in my style. I want it to be elegant and with lots of class. I kind of want to feel like a proper lady :) It also makes me act with elegance, forcing me to have more manners than normally and in some way it makes me feel like a better person in a moral way. For example I tend to help older people on the bus etc, etc :)

Before I found out about Lolita fashion, for a long time I tried to figure out which fashion style suits me the most and I failed. I tried many but I didn't feel comfortable in any of them. I always felt like I'm pretending to be someone from a magazine cover. The worst thing was going shopping to find clothes. I had an idea in my head but I could never find things I liked. I was even angry at myself that I couldn't make clothes I imagined in my head. And then I found out about Lolita and everything changed. It was the only fashion style where being creative and making your own clothes in your own personal, unique style wasn't seen as something odd.

I think vintage style goes really well with classic Lolita style and I do try to incorporate many vintage elements in my coords. Most of the times they are vintage gloves or jewellery, but I also try to create accessories in vintage style when they are not easily available.

Yes, I think I am a Lolita hoarder. I find it difficult to part with my Lolita clothes and it seems I am buying more and more things knowing deep inside that I have enough. I have so many bags and shoes, but I still buy more. Not only because I like new designs, but mainly because I am very picky about colour shades or styles. One shade of cream will not match certain coord and I feel I am forced to get this item in a colour that will match perfectly :3

Phew, this was a difficult question for me as I never thought about my personal Lolita style. I still consider myself a learner and I think my Lolita style should be improoved, but those 5 elements will still be important elements in my style, whether I stay in classic style or try to experiment with other Lolita styles.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post!
Thank you for visiting my blog!
Till the next time, love
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  1. "I want my style to be a clothing just as any other fashion style, and not a dress up for a special occasions."

    Hehe, I feel almost the opposite on this. XD
    I work from home and outside of meetups I rarely have chances to go out, especially since my hubby is too shy to go out with me when I'm wearing Lolita...
    So to me, every time I wear it feels like a very special occasion, even when I'm only just hanging out with a friend or two.
    For reasons that are not clear even to me, I just feel so happy when I wear Lolita that I almost wish I had a reason to do it everyday! But it really wouldn't make sense in my case to wear it around the home especially when I'm cleaning the house, exercising etc. :'/

    About creativity, even though I can't make anything on my own and I don't have the ideas, just choosing how to coordinate a dress (or an accessory...) feels like an act of creativity to me.
    I am never never been a creative person at all, my mind feels very rigid and structured so it feels like a little miracle that Lolita fashion managed to squeeze at least a tiny bit of creative thinking out of my brain! XD

    On the hoarder part... I hear you, sister! I have more dresses that I have chance to wear, but I keep accumulating them because I tell myself that if I need to, I can always sell them again like they were collectibles.
    Sometimes though, I have a feeling and I will turn 90 and still be wearing Lolita... haha my house will probably be choke-full of dresses and cats by then. XD