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Lolita Blog Carnival: 2014 Trends You Predict

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Today I would like to write about another topic from Lolita Blog Carnival group, which this week is 2014 Lolita trends you predict. I have to say this is a very difficult thing to do for me...I have been into Lolita for almost three years now and I still consider myself a beginner and therefore I am not sure which way Lolita fashion will go this year, but I will try my best to think of some interesting predictions :)

As 2013 year was all about flowers especially crown flowers, this 2014 year will be all about gold. Everywhere. We already saw brands adding gold lace and gold styled ribbons, like Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright. This year, especially summer I think, will be filled with gold prints, accessories with gold ribbon, laces (especially gold embroidered lace!), jewellery and more. Also it won't be only in classic style, sweet and Gothic style will be decorated with gold accents too.

I have seen comments on the Internet that classic style will stop being as popular as it was in 2013. In my opinion it won't happen. Classic Lolita style will still be the most popular one among other sub styles. Moreover, sweet and Gothic style will be strongly influenced by a classic style. Sweet prints will be more calmed down and not as sweet as usual, and they will be much easier to coordinate in a classic style.

Juliette et Justine has always been the most popular brand with dresses with painting prints, but in 2014 more brands will jump on the prints reproduction bandwagon. You have already seen BtSSB dress "Labirynth" with more or less painting style design. My prediction is that especially in summer, spring time, we will have other brands like Innocent World making dresses with print reproductions or at least looking like a painting (probably less known ones).

I got into Lolita in 2011 and straight away I found out about Tobao Lolita indie brands. Since then most of them have evolved and there were many more new shops opened since. Taobao and other Asian Lolita brands are now very popular and I think they will become a big competition for main Japanese brands. The main reason will be that Lolita brands from China will start taking orders directly from overseas customers (some shops already do that). SS wont be needed like in 2013 and cheaper Lolita clothing will me more available for overseas customers.

Now this is my extreme prediction but I think it would suit Lolita so well! Lolita brands have explored many different historical styles from Europe, but I still haven't seen anything inspired by Russian royal family. I think it will become popular especially in the 2014 winter time. It will be filed with gold, faux fur and leather, flower patterns, folklore and religious prints.


Yes, I said it.... We have heard so many stories about Bodyline and MrYan... And I think most of people have enough of their shop. Not only because of the scandals, but also because of Taobao and other Asian indie brands are becoming more popular and widely available. Lolitas are willing to pay just a bit extra for dress from Haenuli or Infanta, rather than get old design from Bodyline (it seems they don't release new clothes so often...). I am not sure if Bodyline will shut down, go bankrupt or Mr Yan will go to jail.... :P Maybe they will stop making Lolita clothes and move towards cosplay?

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  1. I do hope Classic will prevail (I might be just a bit biased here XD)... But I also hope Gothic will see a bit of a resurgence, either mixed with Classic or on its own, as it is really the less represented of the substyle at the moment and I feel it's a shame. Gothic truly has the potential to be the classier and more decadently elegant of the substyles, when done right.