Friday, 17 January 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 prints in your favourite colourway

Hello my lovelies!
It is the time for another post from Lolita Blog Carnival! Today's subject is: 3 prints in your favourite colourway.
Now, I am not sure what my favourite colourway is... I know I like pastels, creams, browns and bordeaux. I also find it very difficult to choose the colour of a dress I want to buy, and then I end up getting two of them (yeah I do that a lot...). But for the sake of this post I will choose one and it will be blue. But not the casual simple blue,but the turquoise, the sea kind of blue :)

This is a dress which takes the first place on my wish list, not only because I love it but also because it is so rare and difficult to find... I like it not only because it's Innocent World and it has deers on the print, but also because of it's shade of blue. The whole dress makes the impression of a sweet style but when coordinated well, it can be a perfect example of an elegant Lolita outfit.

This is one of many examples of Innocent World dresses where I can't decide which colour to choose. I honestly loved all three of them, cream, blue and brown but then I saw a photo of it on Tumblr and I went for a blue one first. Then this OP was on sale and I got myself second brown one. I love both of them equally but because of blue is such a rare colour in Lolita, the blue one has definitely special place in my wardrobe.

This was one of the dresses I fell in love when I got into Lolita, back in 2011. I was still learning all of the main Japanese brands and Innocent World has got my main attention. Back then I didn't even expect I could buy such an expensive dresses and I missed getting many beautiful prints. This was one of them but I was lucky to get it last year from Mbook auctions! It is so simple yet so elegant!

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