Friday, 24 January 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita and You in 8 Years

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I would like to write another post inspired by Lolita Blog Carnival group. For any of you who don't know what this group is, I will explain quickly. It is a online group for Lolita bloggers, who decide on a topic, write our posts about it and then link other participants posts too. It's a great way to get ideas for blogging and to promote fellow Lolita blogs!

This week's topic is " Lolita and You in 8 Years". It's a very interesting subject for me, because I myself have been thinking about it recently. I belong to the older part of Lolita community and I think my Lolita style will change a bit in next 8 years. I only wear classic Lolita and I don't think it will change in the future.  I definitely won't wear sweet style, I might incorporate gothic elements in my style.

Three years ago, when I just started getting into this fashion, creams, pastels and flowery pattern were my favourite. I noticed that in next three years I slowly started wearing darker colours, especially brown and bordeaux.  I think this will progress in the future and my collection will  consist more dark colours. I hope I will start experimenting with greens and blue, but I am not sure if I will be brave enough to wear black pieces. I totally stopped wearing black around 5 years ago, I am not sure why (I think it reminded me about my past where I worn only blacks, and I tried very hard to forget it...).  I do like some black dresses but they just don't seem like me. They look much better on other Lolitas and I don't think they would suit my personality.

When I started wearing Lolita I was getting lots of offbrand cotton shirts especially from Taobao shops.  Then i slowly started wearing chiffon blouses because they were much more classy and much easier to maintain. Cotton shirts look lovely when you get them brand new, but for me personally are a nightmare to maintain, especially when they have lots of lace. Ironing them takes ages!  I also stopped wearing white blouses and instead I got cream ones. White blouses look good on younger Lolitas, but don't suit mature ladies. I am more than sure that I will be wearing chiffon blouses in 8 years time. I might move to more darker colours, which I still wear  currently. 

When you get into Lolita, you usually get the cheapest pieces and those are usually skirts. It was the same with me, I used to buy lots of skirt which I gradually replaced by JSKs and OPs. I think that in the future I will wear more one pieces than jumper skirts. I personally think that OPs suit mature Lolitas more, unless you wear JSKs with matching darker blouses and the whole coord looks more like a one piece. I also think that I will wear longer dresses, but I will have to replace my petticoats for longer and less puffy ones.
I don't think my accessories will change in the future. I love wearing classic vintage style jewellery and hats. I might stop wearing head bows, and replace them with small flower clips or simple fascinators.  I will probably still, wear ott headwear, like bonnets for bigger events, but I will try to tone down my head pieces for casual every day wear.

I'm hoping that in 8 years I will settle down with my other live half and we will finally have our own place. Therefore I think I will try to decorate my place in classic Lolita style. I am not sure if I will still be attending small Lolita meets. I think it will depend if I still will be living in the same city as I am now. It would be great because I have so many Lolita friends here. I think we will be organising small Lolita tea parties at our houses or baking or carting sessions :)

There is also a possibility that in 8 years I will become a Lolita mum.... Haha, yes there is a small possibility! I don't really think about it now but you never know how your life will turn out in the future. I always say to myself "Never say never". Having a child is a great responsibility and there is a chance, depending on my financial situation, that I might have to sell part of my Lolita wardrobe. I hope this won't happen! :)
I also have a dream deep inside my heart. I wish I could start my little Lolita business,  where I could sew dresses and make small accessories.  I don't want it to be big, just a small hobby which could support my main income. To be honest I don't really believe it will happen, but you do need some dreams in your life, right?

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  1. This was a nice post to read! I hope you do get to have your classic lolita decorated home, and that you get to start a "Mini" business! That is something I dream of too. Lolita definitely reminded me of how much joy I can get through being creative :)

  2. I'm happy I'm not the only one that feels getting older doesn't necessarily mean quitting Lolita! :D It feels all the more reassuring coming from one of my best IRL Lolita friends. <3

    I honestly have no clue how my style will change in the future, I feel it's still too early to imagine since it's only been about a year that I'm actively participating in this Lolita fashion... I'm not sure it will get more mature to be honest, given that if anything, I like sweeter and more classical styles much more than when I was in my early twenties - I was not wearing Lolita at the time, but was already following the fashion and liked Gothic much more than anything else! Only time will tell. XD

  3. I've just bought my first lolita piece at 28 (I'm from the UK too!) and I really love the style. It's so me and I wish I'd found it earlier!

  4. Worthy information! What a design! I've read your article "Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita and You in 8 Years ". Great sharing!