Thursday, 24 April 2014

London Enchanted Trip Day 1: Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had amazing Easter time!
I had to work whole week and whole Easter and unfortunately I couldn't enjoy this festive time properly... But after that I was off for three days and I had a proper rest. Well, on a first day I slept for almost whole day! Yes, I needed lots of sleep!

Couple of weeks ago I went to London for a three day holiday to attend the biggest Lolita event this year, Enchanted! It was organised by many Lolita communities from Europe.
I arrived to London early afternoon on Friday and meet up with my friends, Andie, Jennifer, Frankie, Amie and Tessa. We all rented out a flat in central London. It was lovely but it was a top floor flat and it was a proper work out to carry our suitcases on the stairs!

 After we unpacked our suitcases, we headed to famous cat cafe, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. I think ii was open for only couple of months, but the waiting list is already full for next six months! It's the first cafe like this in London and it became very popular in  a matter of weeks!

When you walk in to the cafe, there is a small waiting room with a coffee machines and little merchandise items and souvenirs which you can purchase. There is also lots of cat related items like those cute cat tea pots!

Cat cake pops! <3

Before we entered the main sitting area, we were advised by a very nice lady how to approach cats and what behaviours are not allowed to avoid disturbing kitties. Then we had to wash our hands for the sake and health of cats, and we were let into the main sitting area, which was the top floor with big tables and the lower area with couches and soft furnishing. We then order our food and off course I got myself a cream tea! I shared it with Tess and we got massive scones! 

Tess got a Catpuccino! <3

All of the cats seem to be very young, I would say less than a one year old and they looked so much smaller than mine! It reminded me when my two kitties were so tiny!

They all were sleeping in random places. It was late evening and I think they all were a bit tired of all the customers trying to pet and play with them. Bless.... :)

On of the kitties was sleeping behind our couch and all I could see was his cute legs! <3

Girls was all dressed up in cat theme but I didn't have any cat clothes so I had to wear casual Lolita coord. 
I also wanted to minimize volume of clothes in my suitcase so I had to wear clothes I travelled in to London! >o<''

The cat cafe was so nice and I could recommend anyone to go there. I would advise to book your place very early in advance because waiting list is very long! But it's worth waiting! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post and thank you for visiting my blog!
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