Monday, 28 April 2014

London Trip Day 2: Enchanted!

Hello my lovelies!
I feel so bad because so far I haven't been very good at updating my blog very often, especially about Lolita meets or my recent purchases.... I need to post more often! :P

Anyway, today I would like to tell you about the second and the main day of the trip to London, "Enchanted"! 
This the biggest Lolita event this year was organised by the Street Fashion Europe and the Tea Party Club. It was hosted in London, in the beautiful Gibson Hall. There was many famous guests from Japan, like Hitomi Nomura, designer and buyer at Grimoire; Minori and Yuko Ashizawa from Atelier Pierrot!

I wanted to wear something very OTT classic but I didn't think anything from my wardrobe was suitable enough. I think last year's Frock On! has set up the standards very high! I really wanted to wear something in rococo style, like Mary Magdalene dresses, but I had no money to buy one, nor there was anything for sale  to get it just before the event. So what a clever Lolita do in this situation? Makes her own dress! :3

 Me and the girls tried our best to look amazing for the main event and we took some quick photos before going to the venue.
 Andie always look so stylish and original, especially with her handmade head pieces! 

 Frankie looked so cute and yummy in Angelic Pretty dress! Her head dress was also made by Andie, the cute pancakes and bears with cherries! :3

 Tess looked so cute despite her not feeling well whole weekend.
Her dress is so adorable and she even made her own sweet accessories :3
(mandatory selfie before leaving, showing the mess we left behind! :3 )

 At the venue I met so many friends who I don't see too often because they live too far away from me. 
Mary Ann is one of my favourites! She is so lovely and helped me get the Enchanted VIP ticket,
as I couldn't because I was working that Sunday <3

 I was very lucky to meet famous Arthael Walkingshadows and her friend DarthMyrrh Noblechaos.
They are both my inspirations as Lolitas, always looking so perfect and classy!

 I also talked to Jo, aka Octavekitten!
Her pirate Lolita coord was hard core!
We kind of looked like a dark & bright pirate Lolitas! :3

 There was also a girl which name I forgot to ask. 
Her coord was amazing and the idea of making a handbag from a vintage birdcage was 
just out of this planet!

 I felt honoured to meet Marissa and Abbey from USA.
Marissa's head piece was so beautiful and Abbey's coord surprised me so much

 Sweet Musee du Chocolat trio! <3

 I was lucky to snap some photos with famous Minori too!
She was so shy <3

 I was very proud to be able to help out at the event too!
I helped at the beginning of the shop with checking tickets, when the main organisers had to officially open the event on the stage.
To be honest I was really nervous because I didn't want to make any mistakes and forget to give VIP bag or very important raffle tickets! :3

Me selling all Grimoire tights! 
I'm a Grimoire girl! <3

 (dat ceiling...............)

My Enchanted haul:

 I wasn't planning on buying much at the Enchanted as I have to start saving up!
Luckily I managed to purchase from my friend Andie my very first Emily Temple Cute OP!
Yay! I always wanted to own at least one or their dresses, but unfortunately most of them were too cute or otome for me. This one is just right up my street! Is so cute and innocent!

Sweet cookie from Kunika Ono! <3

I utterly enjoyed Enchanted!
I was worried before that I will feel a bit shy and anxious as one of my best friends was away in Japan at that time, but I was so wrong: everything went well! I was surrounded by friends and so positive and friendly people, that there was no chance for me to feel sad or lonely! <3

I hope you enjoyed this long post and thank you for visiting my blog!
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  1. You did your dress yourself ? You did a really great job, it is so beautiful !

  2. That looks like a lot of fun ^^
    Very many creative coords here. I wish I could go to such an event once~~