Sunday, 11 May 2014

Falling for Jane Marple......

Hello everyone!
I have finally finished my series of posts about Enchanted and now I can move onto other topics I want to write about.
I have mentioned in one of the posts for Lolita Blog Carnival that my Lolita style is evolving into more mature direction. I tend to choose less childish patterns and I started getting more interested in different brands than Innocent World. No, I don't think I will ever stop wearing Innocent World but I would like to include a bit different Lolita style in my wardrobe from now on.

One of the brands that caught my eye is Jane Marple. Unlucky for me it is very expensive brand where most of the OPs and JSKs cost at around 10 000 more yen than average Lolita dress.... To be honest I don't think this will stop me from getting my hands on my favourite JM prints! I will just have to be more savvy and spend less money on other things :3

Here are examples of recent Jane Marple dresses. I definitely like JSKs more than OP versions!

 My favourite one was the "Strawberry Label"! It's so simple yet so classy with strawberries with crowns! <3

One of the recent releases was "Rose Series" JSK which for my personal taste was way too simple for almost 4000 Yen price....

The newest series from Jane Marple is "London" theme! Yay for England!

The JSKs are just adorable! My favourite colours are ivory (as always...) and mint green, which is already sold out! :(

Cute coordinates from Jane Marple:

Check those adorable socks and cardigan!

You can also get double decker accessories like this handbag or necklace.
The bag is not up to the very high standard in my opinion, as the print looks a bit like drawn by a child with watercolours. But maybe that was a desired effect...? Who knows....

I hope you enjoyed this short post and please be careful not to fall in love with Jane Marple fashion! It's beautiful and so easy to wear, but very expensive so please keep an eye on your wallets! <3
Thank you for visiting my blog!
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