Friday, 13 June 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Invent 5 New Lolita Holidays to Celebrate

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all well and looking forward to weekend!

I haven't wrote a blog post for "Lolita Blog Cranival" for so long! Naughty me... I was too busy and I was keep forgetting about it, but luckily I have more time off now and this week's topic is so fun, that I just couldn't resist to participate! 
This week's topic is: Invent 5 new Lolita holidays to celebrate.
How interesting! To be honest I used to kind of invent two great ways of celebrating Lolita, but I kept them in my head and only shared it with closest friends. I really hope they would become popular among Lolitas around the world! So let's start!

1. Lolita Birthday
You might ask:"What do you mean by birthday? I already have birthday and I celebrate it in Lolita anyway..." Well, yes. But what I mean is birthday of your Lolita side!
This could be any date you set up for you. It could be when you first found out about the fashion (although not sure if anyone remembers exact date...), day when you got your first dress or the date of your very first Lolita meet. For me personally it's the day when I went to my first meet. I remember this date very well, 6th of August 2011. I'm sure many of you have this one memorable date in your hearts that is connected to Lolita fashion! This would be great idea for a meet where your Lolita friends would give you small Lolita style gifts :) 

2. Favourite Brand Birthday
This is one of my another birthday ideas, to celebrate the birthday of your favourite brand! We could organise tea party or different kind of meet where the dress code would be according to the brand you are celebrating. 
You could also take photos of your meet and email it with birthday wishes to your favourite brand! :) 

3. Lolita Designer Birthday
Yes, I know, another birthday! But Lolita designers also celebrate birthdays and I think it would be great opportunity to celebrate with them! 
My favourite shop is Innocent World and off course it's designer Fujiwara Yumi is my idol. Her birthday is on 29th of September and I would love to celebrate it here in England! 

4. Old School Lolita Day
(Kamikaze Girls Day)
This is one of the ideas I got recently when someone posted on Facebook mentioning the date when "Kamikaze Girls2 movie was released, 13th of May 2004.
I remember one of my friends organised an old school Lolita meet in May and I thought: why not celebrate Old School Lolita every year on the date when "Kamikaze Girls" were released? It's perfect date! The movie is full of old style Lolita clothing and I think we should not forget the roots of Lolita fashion and stop calling old school style "ita". We should embrace it and remember about it and not let it die out. Maybe it will become popular again? Who knows? :)

5.Lolita Community Anniversary
This one is not really my idea, but to be honest I couldn't think of last 5th way to celebrate Lolita fashion :P I only thought that some Lolita communities don't really have a day when they were created, whether it's an actual date or a date that most members agreed to. 
I think it would be great idea for every small or bigger local communities to gather together and celebrate their love for Lolita fashion. You could create memory or photo books and write your memories and messages to all members. Maybe you could create Lolita year books like in American schools? You could compare them every year how you changed :) 

Would you like to join "Lolita Blog Carnival" group? It's easy! Just follow the link
We are group of Lolita online bloggers. We decide on a topic and link other's blogs. It's a great way to promote fellow Lolitas and promote Lolita fashion! 

Please take a look at other participants this week: 

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lolita 52 week challenge - Lolitas I would love to meet

Hello everyone!
As I promised I started writing more and today I would like to write another topic from Lolita 52 week challenges. Today's topic is: Lolitas I would love to meet.
Let's start! :)
Saphira van Doorn
Oh lovely, lovely Saphira! I think I can honestly say that dear Saphira is an icon and an idol for many Lolitas around the globe. I personally adore her for being able to create simple yet amazing coordinates for every day wear. I wear Lolita fashion on my days off and reading "Elegant Poupee" blog gives me so much inspiration and so much to learn too!

Saphira is also one of the most elegant and classy Lolitas I ever seen. I also admire her for creating her look with her beautiful natural hair, which I think is quite challenging. Wigs are very easy to wear and coordinate, where you have to spend lot of time making your hairstyle look perfect :)

I don't remember where I saw dear Xylia first, was it Tumblr or Daily Lolita?... Nevertheless her talent for creating amazing cords just blew my mind!

Her coordinates are always perfect and polished. They look like they are perfect for casual every day look, but she always adds something like flowers or jewellery, that will make the outfit look very special. She also has the ability to somehow match items and colours I would never though mixing together, and it works! She has always been my inspiration and someone to look up to since I got into this fashion :)

Elisabeth / Fallen Princess
Elisabeth is a Gothic Lolita from Canada and she was one of the first Lolitas I found on Youtube, while searching for advice for beginner Lolitas. Her channel was mind blowing for me and I watched every video, sometimes even twice!

I've watched many more Lolita blogs on Youtube and Fallen Princess was one of the best. It wasn't even about the content of videos, but most of all because of her personality. She seems to be very friendly, crazy and open minded and I would love to meet her in person one day :) I was lucky enough to randomly find her on Facebook through brand page, and I was so happy she accepted my friends request! I wish she could come to one of our big Lolita events in London! <3

Dani / Duplica_Chan
I think this wish is the one that actually might come true in the future! :) Dani is a Lolita from Austria. I met Dani on Facebook via common friends but we actually never met in person. I wish this would come true one day because she seem so nice! Whenever I see her photos, she always emanate such a positive energy and happiness!

There are off course many, many more Lolitas around the world I would love to meet but I would have to spend whole day writing about them! :P

I hope you enjoyed reading this post
Till the next time
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lolita 52 week challenge - 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style.

Hello my lovely readers!
I hope you are all well and looking forward to weekend!

This week I am on my holiday with my boyfriends, as it's his birthday this week :)
This also means I have more time to finally write my blog! I totally forgot about the 52 Week Challenge I decided to start! I only posted two topics and it's June already! I need to get myself to work and start writing more!

Today's topic is very easy: 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style.
Let's start! :)

1. Petticoat
In my opinion this is THE most important garment for every Lolita! Petticoats give you this beautiful desired skirt shape and puffiness. Without it Lolita fashion would probably look like any other alternative style. One of my favourite petticoats are the ones from Classical Puppets. I own three at the moment, where one is almost 3 years old and still keeps it's shape! Even after so many washes :D

2. Bolero
Yes, bolero is a must! Boleros in my opinion are much better than cardigans, unless it's very cold :)  Whether you choose long or short sleeve bolero, it will give this special look to your outfit, especially if it's a bolero with beautiful lace! You can also wear it with JSK on a hot day without a blouse! 

Everyone will agree that Innocent World makes one of the best and most beautiful boleros you can buy. Yes, again they can cost a lot, but they are so easy to coordinate with almost everything. Plus that lace!..... 

3. Flowers
Flowers are my favourite accessory at the moment. You can have different types of flower hair clips and mix and match different styles and colours depending on your outfit. Or you can have already made flower pieces or head bands. 

Flowers are so easy to coordinate and so versatile. You can create simple casual coord or go OTT and create beautiful flower crown! But there is a risk in my opinion. You have to be careful what quality of lowers you use. Chiffon, silk or velvet flowers are the best, where for example foam flower might give you a cheap look. It's the best to do some research first before deciding on buying from random source. The safest and cheapest way is to get flower clips from high street shops, and then mix and match them. You can also buy already made flower pieces from indie brands, or more expensive from Japanese brand shops.

Whatever you choose: stay with flower power! :)

4. Printed tights/socks
Printed tights or socks became very popular among Lolitas in recent years, with rising popularity of Grimoire shop. Shortly after most of Japanese Lolita brands started selling printed tights and over knee socks. 

Printed tights, regardless of style you wear, will give you the perfect finish of your coord. They also will make plain dress or skirt look lively, especially if you need to wear toned down outfit for casual wear. You can go a bit crazy with your tights then! :)

5. Parasol
Parasols and not foldable umbrellas are my favourite accessory in Lolita fashion. The give you elegant look whether you use them in a rain or in a sunny weather where you want to hide yourself from burning sun. More and more Lolitas try to protect their delicate skin from UV light and parasols are becoming popular during summer. 

I hope you enjoyed my post about 5 very important things every Lolita should have. I wonder if you agree with me? I would love to hear your opinion! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog
Till the next time
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Monday, 9 June 2014

Summer International Lolita Day

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all well!

Last Saturday was the International Lolita Day, one of the two in each year when us, Lolitas meet our fellow friends and celebrate fashion we all love.

This year I was lucky to get this day off at work, and I met with group of my close friends for an afternoon tea. I really wanted it to be something more special than regular tea that we normally have at our meets. I tried to find something nice in Bristol, but no luck, so I turned my search to Bath area and I decided on a very elegant and posh high afternoon tea at the Royal Crescen Hotel. I have never been there and I didn't know what to expect really. I was also a bit worried that it might be a bit too high end for our little group and we might not feel as relaxed like at the smaller and more casual tea place. I was more than happy to discover that even if this restaurant was so elegant and posh, all of the staff and waiters made us feel very welcomed!

We ordered an afternoon tea which consisted a selection of sandwiches, fruit and plain scones and selection of pettit fours, with rose water and raspberry macarons! (and thew other tasty treats which names I can't remember now :P )

 We were offered a selection of speciality teas and most of us went for a beautifully sounded "Green Eight Butterflies". It was so delicious!

Maria's gluten free selection with cute little mini macarons!

Our waiter was so kind he took a photo of us!
There was also a very nice gentleman playing piano on the hall, but I forgot to take photo with him! :)

Even at such an elegant restaurant we couldn't resist shenanigans by the table! :P

After meal we went outside to the garden area and took some photos,

Everyone looked so lovely!
I like how we all surprisingly went for a classic/royal theme!

My coord rundown:
JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Crown: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Flowers: Handmade
Tights, shoes: Taobao
Gloves: Vintage

We also took some selfies! <3

I can never be serious around Ziggi! <3

There was this very odd hanging seat, which looked like a piece of art....
Bexy and Ziggi were very comfortable inside of it but when I tried it, it gave a motion sickness!

I wanted this day to be a bit more special and I wanted every lady to have a small souvenir from International Lolita Day, so I made little gift bags for everyone. Nothing special, just some printed postcards (one I designed  night before... :P ) and Japanese sweets. One was very odd, a prune covered in a weird jelly......

I really enjoyed this meet and I am glad that I risked and booked table at the Royal Crescent Hotel. It's perfect for Lolita afternoon teas and in my opinion it can even compete with London class hotels! I hope we will be able to visit it again in the future :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I would also like to know how you spent your International Lolita Day this year! :) <3

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