Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lolita 52 week challenge - Lolitas I would love to meet

Hello everyone!
As I promised I started writing more and today I would like to write another topic from Lolita 52 week challenges. Today's topic is: Lolitas I would love to meet.
Let's start! :)
Saphira van Doorn
Oh lovely, lovely Saphira! I think I can honestly say that dear Saphira is an icon and an idol for many Lolitas around the globe. I personally adore her for being able to create simple yet amazing coordinates for every day wear. I wear Lolita fashion on my days off and reading "Elegant Poupee" blog gives me so much inspiration and so much to learn too!

Saphira is also one of the most elegant and classy Lolitas I ever seen. I also admire her for creating her look with her beautiful natural hair, which I think is quite challenging. Wigs are very easy to wear and coordinate, where you have to spend lot of time making your hairstyle look perfect :)

I don't remember where I saw dear Xylia first, was it Tumblr or Daily Lolita?... Nevertheless her talent for creating amazing cords just blew my mind!

Her coordinates are always perfect and polished. They look like they are perfect for casual every day look, but she always adds something like flowers or jewellery, that will make the outfit look very special. She also has the ability to somehow match items and colours I would never though mixing together, and it works! She has always been my inspiration and someone to look up to since I got into this fashion :)

Elisabeth / Fallen Princess
Elisabeth is a Gothic Lolita from Canada and she was one of the first Lolitas I found on Youtube, while searching for advice for beginner Lolitas. Her channel was mind blowing for me and I watched every video, sometimes even twice!

I've watched many more Lolita blogs on Youtube and Fallen Princess was one of the best. It wasn't even about the content of videos, but most of all because of her personality. She seems to be very friendly, crazy and open minded and I would love to meet her in person one day :) I was lucky enough to randomly find her on Facebook through brand page, and I was so happy she accepted my friends request! I wish she could come to one of our big Lolita events in London! <3

Dani / Duplica_Chan
I think this wish is the one that actually might come true in the future! :) Dani is a Lolita from Austria. I met Dani on Facebook via common friends but we actually never met in person. I wish this would come true one day because she seem so nice! Whenever I see her photos, she always emanate such a positive energy and happiness!

There are off course many, many more Lolitas around the world I would love to meet but I would have to spend whole day writing about them! :P

I hope you enjoyed reading this post
Till the next time
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