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Lolita Blog Carnival: Invent 5 New Lolita Holidays to Celebrate

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I haven't wrote a blog post for "Lolita Blog Cranival" for so long! Naughty me... I was too busy and I was keep forgetting about it, but luckily I have more time off now and this week's topic is so fun, that I just couldn't resist to participate! 
This week's topic is: Invent 5 new Lolita holidays to celebrate.
How interesting! To be honest I used to kind of invent two great ways of celebrating Lolita, but I kept them in my head and only shared it with closest friends. I really hope they would become popular among Lolitas around the world! So let's start!

1. Lolita Birthday
You might ask:"What do you mean by birthday? I already have birthday and I celebrate it in Lolita anyway..." Well, yes. But what I mean is birthday of your Lolita side!
This could be any date you set up for you. It could be when you first found out about the fashion (although not sure if anyone remembers exact date...), day when you got your first dress or the date of your very first Lolita meet. For me personally it's the day when I went to my first meet. I remember this date very well, 6th of August 2011. I'm sure many of you have this one memorable date in your hearts that is connected to Lolita fashion! This would be great idea for a meet where your Lolita friends would give you small Lolita style gifts :) 

2. Favourite Brand Birthday
This is one of my another birthday ideas, to celebrate the birthday of your favourite brand! We could organise tea party or different kind of meet where the dress code would be according to the brand you are celebrating. 
You could also take photos of your meet and email it with birthday wishes to your favourite brand! :) 

3. Lolita Designer Birthday
Yes, I know, another birthday! But Lolita designers also celebrate birthdays and I think it would be great opportunity to celebrate with them! 
My favourite shop is Innocent World and off course it's designer Fujiwara Yumi is my idol. Her birthday is on 29th of September and I would love to celebrate it here in England! 

4. Old School Lolita Day
(Kamikaze Girls Day)
This is one of the ideas I got recently when someone posted on Facebook mentioning the date when "Kamikaze Girls2 movie was released, 13th of May 2004.
I remember one of my friends organised an old school Lolita meet in May and I thought: why not celebrate Old School Lolita every year on the date when "Kamikaze Girls" were released? It's perfect date! The movie is full of old style Lolita clothing and I think we should not forget the roots of Lolita fashion and stop calling old school style "ita". We should embrace it and remember about it and not let it die out. Maybe it will become popular again? Who knows? :)

5.Lolita Community Anniversary
This one is not really my idea, but to be honest I couldn't think of last 5th way to celebrate Lolita fashion :P I only thought that some Lolita communities don't really have a day when they were created, whether it's an actual date or a date that most members agreed to. 
I think it would be great idea for every small or bigger local communities to gather together and celebrate their love for Lolita fashion. You could create memory or photo books and write your memories and messages to all members. Maybe you could create Lolita year books like in American schools? You could compare them every year how you changed :) 

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  1. I love your ideas, very inspiring ! :)

  2. Aww, my comm already does an annual community anniversary (but saying that we're only 4 years old, we're a younger community). Old School Lolita Day would be really fun; especially if you have a reason to pull that old Btssb or AP dress from out of the back of your closet. I know some girls in California celebrated Mana's birthday by being super gothic lolita too!

    1. That sounds great Kim!
      I want to organize Innocent World Anniversairy meet in August :) I hope it will work!

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