Friday, 2 January 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Holiday Wish list

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time since I posted anything here... Oh dear...
Blogging more will be one of the top things on my 2015 resolution list for sure!

My first post in 2015 will be for Lolita Blog Carnival!
We are group of Lolita blogger who once a week decide on a post theme, and then share our blogs!
Please feel free to join! <3

This week's theme is "Lolita Holiday Wish list".

I am not sure if I should write about holiday themed or regular Lolita wish list to be honest :P
I have acquired some of my dream dresses this year and because of that my dream dresses wish list got much smaller than in previous year. Yay!

I think I will try to be more savvy this year and buy only dresses I really want and always wanted, but for many reasons I wasn't able to buy. I think there are only two of those on the high top of my wish list:

Those two are my favourites and I will try to hunt them down this year. Fingers crossed for me!

There are some dresses I like but I would only buy them having more spare money in my bank account. Those would be for example these dresses:


 There is also this Jane Marple dress I really love but I don't think I will ever manage to get my hands on her. It's too expensive t buy now!

My more realistic wish list for 2015 will probably be filled with smaller items like boots or headpieces which I think I need, and also need to work on.

I hope I won't be spending too much on Lolita this year as I think my wardrobe is full enough. Although is there "enough" word in Lolita dictionary anyway? :P 

I hope you enjoyed this short post!
I hope to write again here soon!

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