• Atomic Goggle Men Savor M Stereo Yellow VDWSJGQIH

all-mountain Ski Mask for men and women, suitable fit to all face contours with Live Fit technologyIdeal for high light conditions(VLT: 22%), protection 100% UVA/UVBExcellent field of view thanks to double cylindrical lens, Optimal eye protection against glare and fatigue thanks to the 9 layers lens, Stereo Mirror effect lens, scratch resistant, anti-fogInstant personalized fit (Live Fit) thanks to the three-layer foam cushioned frame and Y-shaped spars, Silicone insert strap for suitable grip on the helmet, microfibre bag for ski mask includedContents : One x atomic all-mountain Ski Mask, unisex, Medium Fit, Savor M Stereo, Strap/Frame : blue, Glass: blue Stereo, Lens : Multilayer Stereo, VLT: 22%, Mask bag included, AN5105500

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Atomic Goggle Men Savor M Stereo Yellow VDWSJGQIH

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Atomic Goggle Men Savor M Stereo Yellow VDWSJGQIH

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