• BolléGirls' Explorer Ski Goggles NTIFQJJDL

Double layer face foamDouble lensDesigned for easy use

Explorer ski goggles features double lens which is a creation of a dual-pane thermal barrier between the cold dry outside air and the moisture generated by intense activity prevents distracting condensation. These goggles are equipped with an engineered venting system in each frame which promotes directional airflow across the inside surface of the lens, reducing the potential for moisture build up and maintaining your pristine vision. Outrigger system is designed for goggles to sit snugly on your face, while allowing the strap to interact independently with the latest helmet designs for an integrated fit.

BolléGirls' Explorer Ski Goggles NTIFQJJDL

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BolléGirls' Explorer Ski Goggles NTIFQJJDL

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