Very delicate women's necklace with a small pendant with a number of 0-9. Both sides glossy silver and high quality.The delicate curb chain is 45 cm, the number pendant is 1.5 cm long. The chain comes with a spring ring clasp.The real jewellery is made of 925 silver. To protect the environment, the silver is 99% recycled. Nickel-free and free from harmful substancesEach number chain comes in a pretty jewellery box with logo print.Charlotte Wooning: Handmade with love in Rotterdam Holland.

Charlotte Wooning has been around since 2005. As an autodidactin, it has acquired the processing of precious metals. She learned quickly and so your jewellery pieces are now perfectly finished and worked out. With their team, they design and produce all chains, earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles themselves. With great care and attention to detail, everything is handmade in your studio in Rotterdam.

There is so much jewellery and very much is very similar. Few jewelry designers are able to create their own style as Charlotte Wooning has accomplished. Each piece of jewellery has a very delicate, feminine and contemporary style.

The stylish chains with letters and numbers are not just for women. Even men can wear this timeless jewellery in gold and silver. It is perfect as a gift, birthday, anniversary or even a birth of the child. And so that the gift is pleasant, all pieces of jewellery are delivered in a beautiful jewellery box.

Charlotte Wooning also stands for an open, liberal society. Your people are as important as the environment. She is trying to treat all people fairly with her company and improve the standards in the jewellery industry.

To protect the environment, 99% of all metals are recycled and, of course, no nickel and harmful substances. This protects the environment, resources and your skin. Gemstones, semi-precious stones and diamonds are only sourced from suppliers who can prove where the stones come from and under what conditions they were mined.

Charlotte Wooning lives its values, privately and in the company. And you can see and feel this in your jewellery, which is so delicate and delicate on the one hand, but also always stands for a statement.

Charlotte Wooning Women's Men's Necklace Numbers 0-9 Pendant Number 925 Silver EVGQEOQJR

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Charlotte Wooning Women's Men's Necklace Numbers 0-9 Pendant Number 925 Silver EVGQEOQJR

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