• Dragon Unisex Rogue Replacement Goggle Lens SHIMDEHBH

Variable Light Transmission 25%Dragon Alliance Rogue snow goggle replacement lens.Best for variable sunny conditions by adding definition and cutting glare.Colour Lumalens Green IonModel Number 35297-751

Dragon offer a range of replacement ski and snowboard goggle lenses for your Dragon Rogue goggles and they feature multiple vents and have a Super Anti-Fog coating to ensure they don't fog or mist up when you are skiing or snowboarding This particular lens is specific to the Rogue goggle and cannot be used with other Dragon models. They are made using a Dual Lexan material design which is both flexible and offers impact protection as well as creating a thermal boundary between your eyes and the outside air temperature. The Rogue lens also blocks 100% UV radiation that is damaging to your eyes and they are made using an Optically Correct Spherical Lens design for a sharp, clear view. Check out our Dragon Lens Guide Here - They come in a wide range of tints to ensure you can choose a lens specific to the light and snow conditions that you are skiing or snowboarding in. In addition to standard lens tints, there is also Ionized coated lenses that are designed to balance light transmission and cuts glare in most conditions. Each lens is relatively easy to change, however use care when doing so as scratched lenses cannot be returned under warranty.

Dragon Unisex Rogue Replacement Goggle Lens SHIMDEHBH

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Dragon Unisex Rogue Replacement Goggle Lens SHIMDEHBH

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