Jewellery made with Real, Natural AmberComes in an elegant branded storage pouchMade from 925 Sterling SilverGoldmajor has over 30 years of experience being the largest and most comprehensive amber jewellery supplierMeasurements: Length - 43 cm + 6 cm extension chain, Width - 0.6 cm, Weight - 10g

Goldmajor established in 1985, Goldmajor stands for global jewellery. We were the first company to market amber in the UK The Goldmajor brand is one of supreme sophistication and exclusivity, but is also a voyage of amber discovery Goldmajor Amber by Goldmajor is the most exciting and comprehensive collection available From the contemporary to the classic, the choice in Goldmajor’s amber collection is boundless from the classic cognac colour and the warm orange tones, to the unusual mix of milky yellow opaque & forest green, the variety of choice from Goldmajor’s collections is impressive Teaming amber with other semi precious stones, such as turquoise, moonstone, jet and CZ increases customer choice, and showcases the versatility of amber at its best Amber. It is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees now largely extinct (Pinaceae Family) As the pine resin oozed out of the trees it covered anything in its path Much flora and fauna is captured within its golden tomb In fact more than 1,000 extinct species have been identified in amber. Amber is an organic gem Like pearls it owes its origin to something that was once alive. Why buy amber Each piece is unique. It has a wonderful texture, which is warm and pleasant to the touch. It is claimed, has magical properties; it has been used as an aphrodisiac, as a protection against evil and as a good luck charm. It is believed that Amber is medically beneficial Its healing powers have been used to treat asthma, heumatism and internal problems .The ancient Greeks believed that Amber should be worn as a protection against disease. Amber gives out negative ions, which help balance out the positive ions which are all around us in today's society. Due to amber being a natural stone, shades, shapes and sometimes sizes slightly vary.

Goldmajor Women 925 Sterling Silver Multicolour Amber Strand Necklace of Length 43cm CL862 DHSCJOFPO

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Goldmajor Women 925 Sterling Silver Multicolour Amber Strand Necklace of Length 43cm CL862 DHSCJOFPO

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