Feminine Laimons Ladies' Necklace made from real 925 Sterling silverthe surface is finished to a radiant glossIn a beautiful motif: kissing FlamingosSize: 0,5 x 0,5 inches (12x13mm), Length of the necklace: 18 inches (45 cm)Delivered in Laimons' exquisite gift packaging.

Indulge yourself in Laimons' beautiful Ladies' Necklace with its precious, dazzling pendant.

Give a little bit of joy with this necklace

Are you a lady looking for a beautiful necklace for yourself Or are you a man looking for a precious necklace for your loved one You can't go wrong with this fantastic necklace. Laimons Ladies' Necklace has an exquisite shine, giving the wearer a graceful, stylish elegance. This piece of jewellery by Laimons is shaped to a playful motif of kissing Flamingos . This accessory is perfect for all ladies who like to wear a distinctive motif.

Exquisite jewellery made from real Sterling silver

Producing using real 925 Sterling silver. The jewellery's surface has been finished in a shiny gloss. The craftsmanship here is top-quality, making this piece of jewellery simply delightful. In this way, this piece of jewellery is a radiant highlight to any outfit.

Laimons Ladies' Necklace in detail:

• Feminine Chain from Laimons
• Pretty motif: kissing Flamingos
• Material: 925 Sterling silver
• Vibrant gloss
• Size: 0,5 x 0,5 inches (12x13mm)
• Length of the chain: 18 inches (45 cm)
• High-quality craftsmanship
• With charming details
• chain thickness: 1mm
• Delivered in exquisite Laimons gift wrapping

Includes handy gift wrapping

Laimons Ladies' Necklace comes delivered in a handy gift box. So this piece of jewellery can be gifted right away. No matter the occasion: these accessories will delight every woman. Gift this necklace for Christmas, birthdays or to your loved one on Valentine's day. Either as an anniversary gift or a little reward in-between, this necklace is a perfect fit.

Laimons Ladies' Necklace kissing Flamingos glossy 925 Sterling silver TRLPXHPHV

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Laimons Ladies' Necklace kissing Flamingos glossy 925 Sterling silver TRLPXHPHV

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