Welcome to my Lolita blog!

My name is Mini Mo and I live in UK. I have been into Lolita fashion for almost two years now. My favourite style from the beginning was classic Lolita and I don't think it will change! My favourite brand is Innocent World; I love all their designs!
Apart of Lolita fashion I'm also interested in BJD dolls, crafting especially sewing and jewellery making, metal music and vintage finds. I have two cute Bengal cats, Kai and Yuki (please expect photos of them from time to time!). I live with my lovely boyfriend who is a zealous photographer and a crazy movie ranter.... I am lucky that he likes me wearing Lolita clothes and he encourages me to follow my passion for crafting.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me on laceteapot@hotmail.co.uk

I hope you will enjoy being here and thank you for visiting my blog!

Mini Mo