Shining gold plated bracelet with crystals,beads and glass jewelry for special occasion.It resembles a ray of light from sunny Florence. Its lightness and purity, brightness and expressiveness have been combined together by a creator, who is indeed in love with everything beautiful.The fashionable and trendy jewellery is not just a pleasure to look at but also to feel . They are enjoyable to the touch and when in contact with the skin - you won't want to take them off. Every light movement of glass beads in a necklace will charm you with its sound.Long and hard hours of work lay behind the creation of this stunning collection. For example, to design and assemble necklace Beatrice, it takes one to three days of hard detailed work.The main thing - remember that with Beatrice woman guaranteed everyone's attention and admiration.

Our unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery is handmade by the famous jewelry designers from around the world, which makes us exclusive and extremely unique. Make sure that our products are exceptional and unusual. Matching set of necklace is sold separately.

Platadepalo Outlet Silver and Zirconia Bracelet SDUHSNPVS

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Platadepalo Outlet Silver and Zirconia Bracelet SDUHSNPVS

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