Handmade jewellery from Finland by SASSI DESIGNCompletely made from 925/000 sterling silver in a satin lookMotif: autumn (autumn) - the symbol of the time of tranquility and self-reflection.Necklace length: 44 cm, with 925 sterling silver lobster clasp.Pendant dimensions (L x W x H): 29 mm x 12 mm x 3 mm.

Finland - the symbol for endless green forests, clear air and crystal clear lakes. Here is SASSI design at home. A factory in the idyllic Fiskars that manufactured their jewellery after thousands of years of tradition in loving and high-quality craftsmanship.

The designs - as clear and calm as the Finnish lakes.

- The material - sterling silver - as cool and pure as the air in the forests of Finland.

- The jewels - as straight with a modest elegance as the Finns themselves.

Autumn stands for change, for the natural release of energy, but also for releasing to revitalise life. Wear this pendant and enjoy the time of peace and self-reflection.


- Material: 925 sterling silver.

- Weight: 3 grams.

- Dimensions: 29mm x 12mm x 3mm


- Material: 925 sterling silver.

- Chain Type: Pea Chain

- Length: 44cm, Thickness: 0.8mm

- Weight: 1 gram

Clasp: lobster clasp made of 925 silver.


- Comes with a prestigious folding case, colour black, velvet inlay on the inside. With silver print "SASSI DESIGN".

- Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 4 cm.


- 24-month warranty period.

Our designers imagine

Kaj and Kimmo SASSI design and design their jewellery exclusively in high-quality craftsmanship. Thanks to a well thought-out design, your skilful hands create a finished piece of jewellery. The shape of the pieces is born from the imagination and hands - like a poet, composer and other creators. Once the design of a piece of jewellery is finished, it is cast, shaped by hand and lovingly completed.

SASSI Design Autumn Pendant with Chain Necklace 925 Silver NEHIOUQXT

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SASSI Design Autumn Pendant with Chain Necklace 925 Silver NEHIOUQXT

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