• P3 2200mah Smart Warmer Charger WVPGGPMFW

2,200mAh capacityCharges cellular phone, warms hands & has LED flashlightWarms to safe 104

Winter presents enough challenges without having to worry about frosty fingers or a dying cell phone battery. Now you can have relief from both with our multi function Smart Warmer and Charger. Just plug the USB into your computer and in a few hours it is fully charged and ready to go. Slim and lightweight, you can carry it with you anywhere you need a convenient source of soothing heat. Switch it on, slip it into the knit sleeve and place it in your pocket. In as little as 60 seconds your hand will start to feel the comforting warmth inside your pocket. The cell phone charger is especially useful. When you notice your battery is low, just plug in the mini USB into your phone and you'll get an emergency charge that will keep you going. The built-in light feature also comes in handy when you're in a dark place and need a little extra light. The Smart Warmer-Charger is ideal for winter commuters, or recreation activities. Take it with you anywhere and make sure your hands are warm and your phone is fully powered.

P3 2200mah Smart Warmer Charger WVPGGPMFW

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P3 2200mah Smart Warmer Charger WVPGGPMFW

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